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RoboNexus is for Everyone!

April 24, 2008

“At Zen, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement. We welcome feedback from all of our clients, old and new. We place a high value on the information you can provide us with, both positive and negative. We use this feedback to help with staff training as well as to help decide which treatments can be improved or introduced.”/zen-lifestyle via flesh-design/

Nexus Strategies is a political and public affairs firm focused on helping clients successfully meet current and future challenges.”

The Corporatization of Web 2.0 and the Countdown to Hypercivilization

RoboNexus is for Everyone!


“Die Medienabteilung der Konzernreligion sendet auch auf der Erde ihren Aufruf zum Zusammenschluss mit dem auserwählten Volk der Nexer, was wiederum den Wiederstand der monotheistischen Stammreligionen der Erde provoziert.”//greyfuture/


Nexus Prime

The City of Tomorrow…


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